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Reach new customers and become a local favorite with the largest on-demand halal food delivery marketplace.

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Orders, Your Way!

Tell us how you’d like to receive orders. Through a text message, an email, your phone, or our tablet.

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Get seen by halal consumers, millennials, parents, and companies who prefer halal food and the convenience of delivery.

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Add your menu and start accepting orders with the lowest commission for on-demand delivery marketplace.

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Deliveries happen within 35 minutes on average, so your food arrives fresh, hot and with love, just the way you made it.

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Make the first impression with crisp photos, printed menus, videos and brochures. We offer unlimited help, tools and services you need to create the best-in-class food experience.

Merchant Shop

Enjoy reliable delivery to the door from our courier partners PostMates and ShipEngine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant Partnership is a great opportunity to expand your business. When you sign up to partner with URBAN HALAL, you become a featured Merchant on the platform. You also have increased visibility on our app and website.

URBAN HALAL on average draws a 300% increase in take-out orders for our Partners. The tablet (which we send free of charge) also helps to keep track of orders, order history, and payments. You also gain the help of our awesome Merchant Support team.

If you're interested in participating in the Merchant Partnership program, fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

No, delivery fees are paid by customers.

We deliver inventory to customers from any shop offering items that can be carried away by normal customers in the markets we operate in, including food, produce, and even raw meat. We work with merchants to ensure their brand and inventory is represented well.

URBAN HALAL provides all customer support, so you don’t have to. Customers place and track orders via the our app and receive ongoing support via text messages.

You’ll receive orders via your tablet. You'll also have access to your order history via the Merchant Dashboard, a customized database that helps you manage orders and data, including payments.

Yes, all URBAN HALAL Merchant Partners are required to receive payments via direct deposit, eliminating the need for swiping cards to pay for items. This will save you 3–4% on credit card processing fees.

If you have not connected a bank account in your Merchant Dashboard, click or tap here for instructions on how to get started. We'll hold customer payments for you until you connect a bank account.

Your weekly deposits include the customer payments for items purchased on URBAN HALAL, minus our commission and the direct deposit processing fees.

As a Merchant Partner, we send weekly direct deposits at the close of business day every Friday evening.

These weekly deposits will be the customer payments for items purchased through URBAN HALAL, minus our commission and direct deposit processing fees.

If you have not connected a bank account yet, click or tap here for instructions on how to get started. Please be sure fill out all required information on stripe.com, our payment processor, to ensure timely payouts. Failure to provide complete details may delay payments.